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What causes the summer hen's feces to be particularly thin?

In the hot summer, the laying hens also need to resist heat stress.

There is no sweat gland in the skin of the chicken and the whole body is covered with feathers. The heat production, heat dissipation and body temperature regulation are quite different from those of mammals.

1. Heat production: Direct use of the glucose absorbed by the digestive tract, but also the use of carbohydrates, body fat stored in the body, if necessary, the use of protein in the body through the metabolic process to generate heat.


2、Insulation: It forms a layer of non-flowing air by subcutaneous fat, close-fitting feathers and tight plume that surrounds the bird and insulates heat.


3Heat dissipation: Since the chicken has no sweat glands and rich feathers, when the outside temperature is lower than 26.7℃, the chickens mainly use radiation, convection and conduction as the heat dissipation method; when the temperature is higher than 26.7℃, the main heat dissipation method is the respiratory evaporation. Respiratory water vapor is used to dissipate heat to regulate body temperature. The higher the temperature, the more obvious the effect of breathing heat.

Then, drink so much water, how do they finally flow out? The chicken's urine is mixed with the feces and excreted! Drink plenty of water, excrete a part of the body's excess heat so as to achieve the purpose of cooling, at the same time, the water content in the feces will be more than other seasons, the feces will become thin, not good to scrape the feces!


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