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Strengthening six measures to ensure that animal disease prevention and control capabilities are significantly improved

On the 25th, Vice Minister of Agriculture Gao Hongbin said at the symposium on studying and implementing the National Medium and Long-term Animal Disease Prevention and Control Plan (2012-2020) that all localities should strengthen the monitoring and early warning of epidemic situation, emergency management of sudden epidemics, compulsory immunization of animal diseases, and animal health.we are provide tilmicosin oral solution for poultry and liquid injection for animals,you can know it. Supervise law enforcement, information management of disease prevention and control and social services to build capacity in six areas to ensure that animal disease prevention and control capabilities are significantly improved.
It is understood that "Planning" is the first comprehensive plan issued by the State Council to guide the prevention and control of animal disease in China since the founding of New China, and put forward the guiding ideology, development goals and main tasks of the prevention and control of animal diseases in China from 2012 to 2020. And the corresponding countermeasures indicate that China's animal disease prevention and control work has entered a new stage of planning and leading and scientific prevention.
Gao Hongbin emphasized that all localities should continue to deepen their understanding of the occurrence and epidemiology of animal diseases in accordance with the requirements of the "Planning", implement disease control strategies for disease, sub-regional and phased animal diseases, and strive to improve the level of veterinary socialization services and effectively control major Animal diseases and major zoonotic diseases, elimination of horse snoring and horse-borne poverty, purification of key diseases of livestock and poultry and effective prevention of key foreign animal diseases. From the actual situation of China's national conditions and animal disease prevention and control, we will give full protection. Strengthen coordination and cooperation to form a joint effort in animal disease prevention and control.

Gao Hongbin requested that the animal husbandry and veterinary departments at all levels should publicize and implement the "Planning" as the top priority of animal disease prevention and control work in the future, as a good job in animal disease prevention and control, effectively guarantee the safety of aquaculture production, animal product quality safety and public. Important tasks for health and safety. We will promptly study and formulate prevention and control plans for the region, introduce supporting policies and measures, and strengthen supervision, inspection, and assessment.

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