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Hebei carried out centralized disinfection activities for animal diseases

The Hebei Provincial Department of Prevention and Control of Major Animal Diseases Command learned that in order to further improve the prevention and control of African swine fever, according to the requirements of the provincial government leaders, in May the province carried out centralized disinfection activities for animal diseases such as African swine fever.we are provide tilmicosin oral solution  for poultry,we can guarantee the quality of tilmicosin oral solution  for poultry.
In accordance with the goal of “doing a good job of annihilation, protracted war, and ensuring non-proliferation”, we will focus on the province’s large-scale disinfection activities before the summer high-temperature season, effectively eliminate the source of infection and kill pathogens, and cut off the path of animal diseases, such as African swine fever. A good foundation for the prevention and control of major animal diseases.
The notice is clear, the scope of disinfection is the province's pig farms (households), pig slaughter plants (points), harmless treatment sites, animal clinics and meat processing plants, cold storage, pig products trading market, kitchen kitchen collection and treatment sites, etc. Including workshop warehouses, external environment, transportation vehicles, and related articles.

The notification requires that the disinfection work must be carried out horizontally to the side, longitudinally and completely, completely and completely, without leaving dead ends; disinfection work must be in accordance with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Department "African Bristle Disinfection Code" and the province's requirements for disinfection work in pig breeding and slaughtering enterprises Operation to ensure that all disinfection links are in place; all relevant units in each locality must have their own responsibilities and coordination, and work together to achieve the same arrangement and deployment, and achieve the same pace, truly forming a good situation of "together together, one piece" Make full use of all aspects of media power, widely publicize the far-reaching significance of this disinfection work, increase the level of public awareness, increase the participation of the masses, and create a good social atmosphere of support and participation.

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